Our Early Childhood Education Centre has 53 spaces. The centre accepts children from three months old to five years old: 7 infants and 10 toddlers 36 preschoolers. We have twelve (12) Early Childhood Educators, three (3) in each room, one(10 full time Nutrutionist and one (1) Maintenance/security.


Early Childhood Education Centre believes that all children are special individuals with rights to love, respect, and exceptional care. All children should have a positive experience that will foster physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. All children should have the right to a safe and loving environment. As well as being loving and caring individuals, Early Childhood Educators have a working knowledge of child development. Parents are the most important individuals in a child life, therfore, he/she should spend "quallity" time with his/her child at home as well as in the Early Childhood Education Centre.


ECE Centre provides a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment. This program focuses in the whole well being of the child: physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. The program revolves around themes and in our themes we include special events that happen in our community. Examples of themes are emotions, body parts, community workers and specials events theme, Mini Trapper's Festival. Our program has supervised "free play time", this is where a child chooses an activity he/she may want to play. The room is organized into activity areas. These areas include art, puzzles manipullative, sand water, library, housekeeping and large muscle. On occasion we may have special activities put out for example: music, science and carpentry. "Circle Tim" is where children meet in a group and participate in theme related acrivities. Examples of these "Circle Times" are art, music, drama, literature, social studies, nutrution. etc. Although, the infant and toddler room strives to meet each if the individuals' needs, the ECE Centre staff do follow a infant and toddlers' daily schedule.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. for both infant and toddler areas. Parents are responsible to bring their child before 10:00 A.M. so that they can benefit from our planned program. Our hours of operation will change during the summer months, the centre director will notify all parents whose children atrtend the ECE Centre when the hours of operation comes into effect.


Phone: 204-676-2958

Early Childhood Education