Trappers Festival comes alive as the community of Cross Lake pull together to organize and coordinate events in the memory of years of tradition, heritage and community values of our people who once utilized the land as their sustenance to achieve and sustain life for all of us since time immemorial.
Cross Lake community has always herald the celebrations of the Trappers Festival with its humble beginnings of the past Trappers Festival committee, Annie Ross, Elias Brightnose and the sponsors of the first Trappers Festival, The Hudson Bay Company, manager Mr. Tielell.
In the early sixties the word of the Trappers Festival would travel throughout Manitoba and many people came by bombardier or dog team to enjoy the festival. Communications was not as efficient as today's mediums of newspaper, posters, radio announcements and Television.
Throughout the years the Trappers Festival has always run on a volunteer system with very little funds in some years but magically at the beginning of the Festival the funds would come in by the people who seldom receive the recognition they deserve who found funding somewhere. Many of our past leaders were instrumental in achieving a sense of harmony and unity when the Trappers Festival began, the late Walter Monias, late Jonah McKay, late Samuel McKay, late Herman McKay, late Batiste Robinson, George M Ross, Mervin Garrick, George Hamilton, and Alan Paupanekis, the past Chief and councils. The list is long and many have passed on but there will be a time to honor many of those who contributed so much to the Trappers Festival.
Cross Lake will have many new faces, visitors and families will come together and celebrate this special event in our time.
Enjoy yourselves and welcome to our community.