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Economic Develeopment

Tom Scott
Economic Development Manager

The Week of January 29 - February 3, 2017, created an updated and understanding of a community consultation process provided by Myers, Norris & Penny (MNP) with leadership and the community of Cross Lake, Pimicikamak residents and youth. MNP have been engaged by the CLBOI to create a community strategic study for the past six months and coming to an end, completing their task, the study has been in process since January 2014, with funding approval by July 2016 from INAC.

The importance of this study provides the community strategic visioning is as an citizen-based planning process which focus on diverse sectors of a community collectively to determine and coordinates a plan of action for future benefits. The Citizens and Youth of Pimicikamak, the CLBOI business and administration participated in a community consultation process that will be culminated in a community strategic vision process. Research on this process was guided by (INAC) Indian Northern Affairs Community terms of reference, scope of work guidelines. Results from the qualitative survey data will show many descriptions of poverty inside and outside of traditional economic definitions and illustrations on the significance of place. Implications and recommendations on the use of Economic Development in other contexts in which were discussed. First and foremost it helped identify priorities, funding process and community planning for business in the applications and the concept of Economic Development and Wealth Creation.

Economic Development hinges on the Job creation rather than creating wealth for the community, this understanding is often associated with on reserve business or band business but when can the idea of job creation create wealth on two levels personal wealth or private wealth.

Personal wealth can be construed as amassing material wealth associated from and private business wealth can be construed as having the necessary infrastructures to create wealth and opportunities.

But as in the terminology of Wealth Creation, we have no existing models that can act independently, with no political intervention, managed by a third party who function independently and their only function is to create wealth or amass wealth for CLBOI Stake holders

The CLBOI has models of business that have binding contractual benefits to their main stakeholders, to the Cross Lake Band of Indians people and their community.

Long-Term Goals:
Continuing, creating and establishing a working a viable Economic Development Department for the Cross Lake Band of Indians
Under the Authority of Executive Director CLBOI Mr. Ryan Castel
Under the Direction and Recommendation of Pimicikamak Executive Council, Portfolio for Economic Development present (Councillor Mr. Kenny Miswaggon and Councillor David Leroy Muswaggon)


Summary of Objectives and Short term Plans January 4, 2016
Time Lines: one year plan

1. Create the opportunities by examining government funding structures for CLBOI business models and     opportunities
2. Continue on the path of providing services and education modules for Business planning for on     reserve clients
3. Plan, organize and schedule continue running workshops from both Federal and Provincial     organizations
4. Provide the support mechanisms to nurture, to educate and to create opportunities for band members
5. Ensure that all proposed business plans from CLBOI and Public Plans are processed, documented,     pursued, planned for short term community results and long term plans.

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