Cross Lake Band

P.O. Box 10, Cross Lake, Manitoba CANADA R0B 0J0 204-676-2218

Public Works

The department consists of water and sewer services, fire protection, community buildings and road access maintenance. The department is overseen by the Executive Director and field operations by Interim Public Works Supervisor.

The community buildings section looks after the operation and maintenance of all Cross Lake Band buildings - Administraion Building, Policing/Crisis Building, Communications Building, Fire Hall/Garage and the Band Hall.

The fire protection program is managed by a full time Fire Chief and is assisted by a volunteer Deputy Fire Chief overseeing a number of volunteer firefighters who all have level one firefighting practices. The department has one fire truck with all the necessary firefighting equipment required for structural, grass, brush, forest fire suppression and for vehicle accidents. They also provide fire prevention to organizations requesting the service especially to the schools.

The water and sewer services is a twofold system; water delivery/sewer pumpout system is privatized with five delivery contractors and five sewer pump out contractors. Each contractor has a number of homes to service each week and divides into daily schedules according to family size and demand.

The other system is the piped system with two water treatment plants, one sewer treatment plant and one aerated lagoon. The island water treatment plant (Natimek) is operated by two full time operators and one part time operator. These operators also oversee the lagoon situated on the island.

The mainland water treatment plant (Saggitawak) is operated by two full time operators and the sewer treatment plant is manned by 3 full time operators. All the operators of both systems are trained and certified both in level one and two; water treatment/distribution and wastewater treatment. All operators follow the safe water standards and monitor the water on a daily basis to ensure the public have safe drinking water.

Water Quality - monitor checks the water quality throughout the community by taking samples from homes, offices, businesses and health centers and keeps records which are sent to the Environment Health Office in Thompson, Manitoba.

Mechanics: service all Band vehicles. They are stationed in the fire hall/garage. In total, the department has approximately twelve staff and ten contractors to deliver the services provided to the public.

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