Cross Lake Band

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Veterans of Cross Lake

WORLD WAR I 1914-1918
Archie Halcrow
James McLeod
Stanley McLeod
Happy Jack Ross
Alfred Settee Sr
Edward Thomas
St. James Whiskey More..

Alfred Settee

1891 - 1980 WW1 veteran, trapper, hunter, interpreter, guide, York Boat crew member, fur-buyer, RSX survivor, magistrate, community leader, and member of the Moose clan. The great-grandson of the late Rev. James Settee Sr., Alfred was born in Norway House and settled in Cross Lake in the 1930s when he married Melanie Miller, a member of the Sipiwesk Lake wintering camps. Alfred and Melanie had eight children (Dora, Alfred Jr., Emily, Zacharias, Joseph, David, Donald, and Nelson) who, in turn, brought forth progeny now numbering in excess of one hundred in number. Alfred was instrumental in the founding of the non-treaty community with the establishment of the first ten houses adjacent to the United Church and Hudson’s Bay Company. Alfred remained active in the aboriginal struggle until the passing of his wife in the late 1970s. Alfred was well-respected in both the aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities. He was commended with the naming of a ferry boat (the MS Alfred Settee Sr.) which still operates in northern Manitoba. He also has a lake named after him near Split Lake for his service in the Great War.


James Mcleod / Stanley Mcleod

WORLD WAR II 1939-1945
Rose Beardy
Sandy Beardy
William Christian Cook
Peter Halcrow
George McIvor
Rueben McKay
Ernest McLeod
Stanley Mercer
Thomas Muskego


Rose Beardy

Service Number: H/101785
Age: 26
Force: Army Unit: Royal Canadian Artillery Division: 2 Anti-Tank Regt
Son of Abraham Beardy and of Madeline Beardy (nee Ross), of Cross Lake, Manitoba. Brother of Sandy Beardy Rose was killed in action on July 30, 1944 and is buried at:
Cemetery: BENY-SUR-MER CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY Calvados, France Grave Reference: XIV. C. 3. Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Sandy Beardy

After the war, Sandy Beardy led an accomplished life dedicated to the vision of the preservation and recognition of aboriginal rights, the right to self government, and his unerring, unwavering commitment to follow those principles earned him respect as traditional elder. This strength was gained through his faith that transcends both christain and traditional spirituality. He served Cross Lake Band as Chief in 1962 and as councillor over few terms. He received the Order of the Buffalo Hunt for outstanding "leardership and pioneering qualities and cooperation" during his term as Chief. He was an advisor to the Northern Flood Agreement negotiations and subsequent implementation initiatives, he participated at Meech Lake. As a family man he was to his family as he was to the causes he fought for.


William Christian Cook

Willie was born in 1912 in Cross Lake, Manitoba Canada to Thomas and Annie (McKay) Cook. He enlisted in the Canadian Army on August 10, 1942 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was wounded twice while in service, he was hit in his elbow and in his hip. He was discharged on January 18, 1946. Upon his return from active duty, he worked for the Department of Natural Resources. He moved his family to Wabowden, Manitoba Canada where he retired as a forest ranger. William Christain Cook died in 1985 and was buried at Wabowden, Manitoba Canada.


Rueben McKay

Rueben served the Canadian Armed Forces during the second world war, During his lifetime he raised his family through hunting, fishing and trapping the traditional way. He worked as a Community Health Worker for the Cross Lake Band. He did his home visits on foot and by boat. He also served as Cross Lake Band Councillor.


Thomas Muskego


KOREAN WAR 1950-1953
Donald Mckay
Ernest McLeod
Thomas Albert Ross
Army Reserves: Billy Gamblin   Sandy Halcrow


Donald McKay

3RD Royal Canadian Regiment from 1951 - 1954
He was a Qualified Paratrooper and got discharged on December 1954
Donald had 3 kids from his first marriage and from his 2nd marriage to Olga raised 8 children


Ernest McLeod


Billy Gamblin


Shawn Cecil Smith

Shawn was raised in Cross Lake and attended the D.R. Hamilton School, he completed high school in Thompson R.D Parker Collegiate. Upon graduating, he signed up for the Katimavik Program and spent a year volunteering in various communities across Canada. Shawn felt his calling was to further serve our country and applied to the Canadian Armed Forces. Shawn was sworn in as a member of the Armed Forces in 1999 and completed basic training in St. Jean, Quebec. Shawn was assigned to Gagetown, New Brunswick to complete his 1 year training as a Combat Engineer (Sapper). Shawn was then assigned to the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment at the Edmonton Garrison. He was then deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in Canada's first combat operation since the Korean War. Upon completion of his combat tour he went into the Military Police and trained in VIP close quarter security in Borden, Ontario. On completion of his 4 years with the Canadian Military, he applied to the RCMP and was sworn in as a member in 2006 and served in Thompson, Poplar River and Selkirk Detachments. In 2011, Shawn applied to the Winnipeg Police Service and was accepted where he now is a member. He resides in Winnipeg with his family. Shawn continues to attend the Cadets Annual Review and Parade Ceremony on an annual basis and is a strong supporter of the Cross Lake Army Cadets.

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